Friday, July 14, 2017

Letting Loose

We'd planned on going to Wet N Wild as soon as Ryan got home from work. After school, the kids and I made a trail mix (mainly so we could eat the mnms Reed's teacher gave me as a thank you) and were happily munching our tide-over snack (going to Wet N' Wild means a late dinner) when Ryan walked in the door. Unfortunately, he came bearing bad news. As he drove home, he noticed that the parking lot at Wet N' Wild was entirely full and people were being sent to the alternate parking lot, which didn't bode well for lines and crowds.

Instead of Wet N' Wild, we had a totally atypical night at home.

First we played Wii. Our Wii stopped working a while ago, but Steve and Janelle were kind enough to give us their Wii during our most recent trip to California. We started with Lego Star Wars, then moved on to Barbie (also from Steve and Janelle) to appease Lila. Something you should know about our family is that we are generally not really a screen time family. The kids usually watch one half-hour show per day or can choose to play on the computer or Wii in place of the TV. We don't usually watch movies on weekdays. So after our Wii marathon today, the last thing you'd expect us to do would be to watch a movie.

But guess what we did? WATCHED A MOVIE. We were really going crazy now.

Asher wanted to make limeade. AND WE DID. Ryan brought home leftover donuts he'd taken into the office for breakfast. We joked about eating donuts for dinner--AND THEN WE DID. We ate the donuts. For dinner. With a side of yogurt. Another thing you should know about our family is that we don't usually eat donuts for dinner. We watched Cool Runnings while we ate. The kids were dying laughing, which had Ryan and I dying laughing. Listening to them was funnier than listening to the movie. I started getting misty-eyed five minutes into the movie just thinking about the ending. Ryan and I were both bawling by the end. Lila tried to squeeze into our big chair with me during the movie and after struggling to get comfy for a minute told me, "Mommy! I am trying to cuddle dollies with you but I am just getting squished!" I remedied the squish by pulling her into my lap.

After the movie, the kids asked if they could have one of the cookies Ryan made last night. Why not, kids? I asked them how they felt and if they thought they'd get a belly ache if they ate a cookie and they assured me they wouldn't, so they went for it. They had a cookie as a dessert to their donut dinner.

After Ryan read a book to everyone, I was on tuck in duty. Lila didn't want to pray, so I explained that praying is how we talk to Heavenly Father and tell him thank you for all the things he gives us. She asked, "Can you be grateful for stuf-tuh amals (stuffed animals)?" Yep. "Can you be grateful for Keola? And Maddox? And Joshua" (friends from school). Sure thing. She started her prayer, giving thanks for stuf-tuhs, Keola, Joshua, and Maddox......and her clock.

This post is almost stream of consciousness at this point, so I'll close with a few thoughts. Why document this random day in which we do not really look like very responsible parents? I'm sure some people would cringe to think of the hours of screen time we consumed, not to mention the copious amounts of sugar. But we had a fantastic time. What became a "yes night" was maybe exactly what we needed tonight.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

A Note

Reed is not really a cuddler or a hugger. I give him a hug and kiss every night, but usually the hug I get in return is a little halfhearted.

So imagine my surprise when tonight, while I was tucking Asher in, Reed CLIMBED DOWN THE LADDER, OUT OF HIS BED and gave me a HUG. Like, the best hug ever. And it was a long hug, not a quick side-hug. I sure love that boy.