Thursday, August 10, 2017

Another Year Down

We made it through what could possibly be our last year-round school year ever! Let's pause and briefly mourn track breaks.

Now let's celebrate having a real summer next year!

Anyway, the school year always ends with awards. Reed received the Straight A Honor Roll and the Exceptional Citizenship awards. Mrs. Johnson gave out classroom awards, too, and Reed was recognized as the "Class Bookworm." No surprise there! We also got to do a "gallery walk" in Reed's class on the last day of school. They each made a Tale of Despereaux diorama that they got to present. Reed worked really hard on his diorama and it turned out great! Reed loved second grade and was actually challenged for the first time. He learned a lot and had a great year. He ended the year with just shy of 300 Accelerated Reader points (a big deal). He wants to be an author when he grows up.

Asher also got to have an awards ceremony, where he was awarded with the Exceptional Citizenship award. Kindergartners aren't able to receive the Straight A Honor Roll award, but Asher is already looking forward to trying to earn that pin next year. Asher's class had Kindergarten Graduation along with their awards ceremony. They sang a few cute songs about graduating (I may or may not have teared up a bit), then we got to have cookies and juice! Asher was especially excited about the snacks. Asher had a good first experience with school and we are looking forward to being in a smaller classroom next year! He made it to level 15 of Lexia. He wants to be an illustrator when he grows up!

Lila adored preschool and is so excited to get to be in Mrs. Cantwell and Ms. Stouard's class again next year. She didn't have an awards ceremony, but we did get to go for a class donut and milk and movie party on the last day! She loves being a leader and that is the role she is expected to play in her classroom. Being a typical peer has been such a good experience for her! At home she is the youngest and does not often get to take charge. In class, she is expected to be a helper and set a good example--and she thrives there! She wants to be a police officer when she grows up. I think she will most miss her buddy Keola who is moving on to Kindergarten next year at a different school. 

Roxie, Zoe, Reed

 Lila and Keola

 Some of Lila's classmates! Back row: Cameron, Ashya, Joshua, Mrs. Cantwell, Lila, Ms. Stouard, Madden, Ava. Front row: Aizen, Keola, Sean.

Ms. Stouard

Mrs. Cantwell


Nicolas said...

i love that your school gives out those pins, what a cool thing for your kids!

Nicolas said...

PS Reed's diorama is awesome and Lila's picture with her little best friend is adorable