Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Primary Temple Trip

One thing that I recognized pretty much immediately after being called into primary is that I am so blessed to be surrounded by so many people who put a ton of effort into their callings, which in turn lightens the load of my calling. One such person is our Primary Chorister, Heather Fisher.

A few months ago, Heather approached me with an idea: a primary temple trip. She had a picture of her daughter Sequoia on the steps of the St. George Temple. Heather wanted to talk about preparing to go to the temple each week in singing time, writing the ideas the kids had on the temple steps. When the steps were full, we'd take a trip to the temple.

First of all, how cool is it that she took time during singing time to teach the kids about the temple? Second, let's just appreciate for a minute the fact that she lives in the town of Blue Diamond--an hour away from the Las Vegas Temple--and attends the temple every week, so had a weekly temple experience to share with the kids.

I have to be honest though: while I loved the idea of a temple trip, I was a little bit nervous about it's execution. We have over 100 kids in primary. We'd end up filling the picture steps in July or August, when you step outside and feel like you are possibly being broiled. Did I mention over 100 kids? But. I knew it could be a really, really great experience for the kids. So I went with it.

I was lucky to find a prior ward member whose sister happened to have a key to the church building next to the temple--we wanted to start out there and have a devotional. I also found a temple I Spy paper online. The temple worker I spoke to about visiting told me we'd actually be able to go inside the foyer of the temple. Things were falling into place.

I knew that there was a chance we wouldn't get a great turnout--it was so hot, it's the last week of summer break so people are out of town, and the temple is far away. But 70 kids and about 22 parents came! I was amazed. And we had a great experience. The kids told me it was "cool, but hot." Heather taught the kids about symbols in the temple's architecture. The kids loved getting to go inside the foyer and the atrium. We had a really great time.

I'm so grateful to work with inspired people!

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