Asher's Space

General cuteness:

The other day, I was pushing Asher and Lila in the stroller and Reed was riding his trike. We went down a hill and Asher started chanting, "Go, Bubba, Go! Go, Bubba, Go!" He chanted during the entire walk down the hill (about 5 minutes). (5/31/13)

Asher took a toy from Reed; Reed responded by yelling and grabbing the toy back. I told Reed that wasn't nice and asked Reed what we should do if Asher takes a toy. Reed responded, "I don't know." And Asher said, "Bubba choose the right!" At least Asher knew the right answer (8/17/12)


Remembers how to go "piggies first" down the stairs without being prompted or helped (11/5/11) For while, Asher would attempt to go face first down the stairs and I have to remind him to go piggies first. After a while, he knew he needed to go piggies first--but couldn't figure out how to get started--he would always end up sideways. But he figured it out! Now he is a little stair monkey and goes up and down as he pleases.

Imitates us playing (9/9/11) Reed and I were playing tops and Asher was watching us. Asher grabbed one of the tops, lifted it up, dropped it, laughed, then clapped--over and over again. Super cute? Yes.

Claps (9/2/11) Asher is funny--when I try to teach him "tricks," he generally ignores me. Once he decides he wants to do the trick,  he learns it right away. Clapping was no exception. He ignored me for a few days, then started clapping up a storm.

Dances (8/29/11) We've been trying to get Asher to dance for a while, but he hasn't obliged. Finally today, we had a "dance party"--and he joined in with a double hand wave. Best dance move, ever.

Says "mama"--his first word (8/27/11) We were in Provo for the weekend, so we were staying in a hotel. Ryan had the boys on the bed, and I walked around the corner into the bathroom. As soon as I left, Asher started crawling toward the edge of the bed, saying, "Mom! Mama!"

Gets mad about a lack of song (8/14/11) Asher was having a very, very hard time napping. I decided to try to rock him to sleep. I was singing him songs, then got a little bored with singing, so stopped. Immediately, Asher--who had been quite settled and cuddly--twisted around, looked up at me, and gave me this look. Once I started singing again, he settled back down right away.

Crawls up the stairs (8/9/11) Asher has really ignored the stairs for a long time--hasn't so much as glanced in the stairs' direction. But today, it's like he finally saw them. And once he saw them, he had to crawl up them. He started with just one. Later he crawled up two. By the end of the day, he'd crawled up several!

Acts shy (8/7/11) We were at Grandma's house eating dinner. Grandma was trying to get Asher to smile, when suddenly he started ducking his head to the side and giving a shy little smile. After that, every time someone tried to get Asher to look at them, he would duck his head--being shy! It was really quite cute. Since then, he's gotten shy around strangers, but will usually warm up for people he knows.

Waves "hi" and "bye" (8/5/11) This was one of those milestones I didn't think about until other babies about Asher's age started doing it--then I realized, "Oh, we should probably teach him that." Once we did start prompting him to wave, he picked it up quite quickly. Now he loves to wave.

Crawls with his belly off the floor (8/4/11) I honestly thought he would just army crawl until he walked (he was getting quite fast), but then he started staying up on his knees! He perfected this technique Saturday (8/6/11) at the water play area at the pool--the ground hurt his belly, so he had to stay up!

Throws a tantrum for not getting a bath (7/15/11) We might be making this up, but when Ryan took Asher's shirt off, Asher got super pumped. Then Ryan put a onesie onto Asher for bedtime and Asher got super mad. We think Asher was anticipating a bath (as per our routine), and was mad about going to bed, instead.

Cruises (7/14/11) So it's been a big week as far as milestones go!

Pulls self to standing (7/14/11) Okay, so now we really need to lower the crib mattress.

Goes from laying down to sitting up (7/10/11) Apparently we need to lower the crib mattress...

Army crawls (7/10/11) Turns out he will only move for food. At least now we know!

Pulls himself up from sitting to kneeling (Week of 6/27/11) Asher realized that if he grabs onto something, he can pull himself up!

Legit scoot forward (6/25/11) I mentioned before that Asher was scooting awkwardly around--a long reach, a bunch of wiggles, and little moves. Tonight he actually got his knees up under himself and scooted forward! Only once, but it's progress!

Scoot backward (6/24/11) But he wants to go forward so badly!

Goes from sitting up to tummy time on his own, consistently (6/23/11) He finally figured out how to get his feet out from under himself.

Clicks his tongue (6/22/11) Cuter than you would think!

Can get his own plug and put himself back to sleep! (6/1/11 ish) So fantastic. He'll put himself back to sleep for another hour!

Babbles consonants "babababa" (5/16/11) He's been "saying" "gee" for a while, but I think we'll count "bababa" as the first real babble.

Reaches for me (5/13/11) And you thought Friday the 13th was unlucky. This morning, Ryan was handing Asher to me...and Asher actually reached out to get me!

Hair cut! (5/12/11) His hair was so ridiculously long on top and refused to lie flat (even with mousse!), so Grandma Lexie trimmed about 1 1/2 inches off the top. Now he looks quite dapper.

Scoots awkwardly, yet cutely, around (5/11/11) Asher was  doing tummy time and was so desperately hard to reach his toy that he scooted using only leg power about one foot forward. Since then, he's been making little scoots forward all the time.

Sleeps on his tummy (5/10/11) I went in to check on Asher tonight and he was sleeping on his tummy! I was quite surprised because he has been on a rolling strike lately!

Sits up in the tub (5/7/11) It's official--we've converted Asher's tub from laying mode to sitting mode, which enables him to play with Reed and the other toys a lot more easily. Asher loves it!

Splash Pad Trip! (5/6/11) We went with our friends Claudia and Cash. Asher didn't really like the water--it was too cold for him.

Solid foods that are actually solid (5/4/11) I've tried giving Asher small pieces of bread a few times, but he has spit them right out. Today I gave him a few tiny chunks of banana--and he loved them! On another food note, today Asher decided that he doesn't like rice cereal unless it is spiked with baby food.

Sits like a pro (Week of 4/24/11) Asher has been sitting for a few minutes at a time for a few weeks now, but this week he got the hang of sitting without falling! Now I (usually) don't worry that he's going to topple, and he will sit and play for long periods of time. He loves to sit up.

Night without Mommy (4/22/11) And he really didn't even care--not nearly as much as I did, at least.

Tooth! (4/17/11) First tooth finally popped through Asher's gum, and it looks like the second is close behind. (The bottom right tooth was the first...)

Tries to eat his own feet (4/3/11) They do look tasty.

Sits unsupported for short periods of time (4/3/11) Asher is learning the art of balancing. His record is two minutes.

Grabs his own feet (while laying on his back) (3/30/11) I've been waiting for this one, because I think it's super cute!

Rolls from back to tummy (3/29/11) Smash has been working so hard on getting over to his tummy and he finally did it! Ryan was the first to witness Smash's new trick.

First pureed foods (3/23/11) Asher tried prunes and apples mixed with oatmeal. The result: awesome.

Rolls from back to side and stays (3/15/11) Asher is getting SO close to rolling onto his tummy.

Cares about the toys on his exersaucer (3/7/11) Asher has always loved being in his saucer--he really likes to stand--but today he finally started playing with the toys on his saucer, too. Now the saucer is even more fun.

Makes funny noises on purpose (3/3/11) Asher has started blowing air out between pursed lips to make a really funny noise. He does it a lot when he has his plug, which makes it sound even more funny.

Reaches for toys while on his tummy (3/2/11) Asher has been reaching for toys for quite a while, but for whatever reason hasn't been interested in reaching for toys while on his tummy. But he finally did it! He reached for and grabbed toys while doing tummy time three separate times today.

Rice cereal experience (2/19/11) Asher liked the rice cereal, but had a hard time keeping it in his mouth. I think he got more rice cereal from sucking on his hands and his bib than from the spoon!

Brings toys/hands/everything to his mouth to "eat" (week of 2/7/11) Asher is generally found sucking on something these days. His favorites are his hands and his blankets.

Rolls over (tummy to back) (2/3/11) We were trying to take a few pictures of Smash on his changing table in a cute hat. He happened to be on his tummy when all of a sudden he rolled right over! Good thing I was quick to catch him. I rolled him back over--and he did it again! I rolled him back over again, and he rolled a third time! After that I decided we shouldn't press my catching skills, so I commenced taking pictures of him on his back.

Park Outing (1/17/11) It was a beautiful day (70 degrees!) in St. George, so we headed to the park we share a back wall with. Asher enjoyed the great outdoors.

Grabs objects and bats/reaches for objects (week of 1/10/11) Asher will grab anything that comes near him and loves to hit the toys that hang on the toy bar of his monkey mat.

Laughs! (12/18/10) I was talking to Asher today and he was cooing and smiling back. Then...suddenly...he laughed! It sounded kind of weird, but it was definitely a laugh :)

Smiles on in responding to people, not because of gas (week of 11/28/10). Asher has been smiling randomly for a few weeks, but this week he started smiling at us, when we talked to or smiled at him. And it's a dang cute smile!

Tracks objects with his eyes (week of 11/22/10) His favorite things to watch are toys!

Meets Grandma & Grandpa Hambly (11/6/10) We had a fun weekend with some of our favorites visitors!

Bath (10/22/10) He didn't even cry, which was a little shocking because Reed screamed through his entire first bath. Afterward, though, he looked around with nervous eyes and was a little freaked out, I think.

Diaper Blowout (10/20/10)  All over his elephant jammies (his going home outfit) in the middle of the night. Yuck.

Meets Reed, Grandma Lexie, Grandpa Jack, Kayla, and Mandi (10/18/10) We were lucky to have so many visitors in the hospital!

Pee on mommy (10/18/10) Right after Asher was born--and cleaned up just a little bit--the nurses plopped him on my chest for a little skin-to-skin time. I felt something warm and wet seep across my belly and realized that I'd just been peed on (not like there was nothing else gross on me at the time).

(Current as of June 10, 2012)
boos (boost)
ite dere (right there)
yare you? (where are you)
cuggle (cuddle)
di-dee (Mickey)
ninee (Minnie)
de-sus (Jesus)
unch (lunch)
bed (bread)
nigh-night (night night)
bee-ball (his blankie)
bankie (other blankets)
Guh (grandma)
Manny (Mandi)
buh-ie (bunny)
bee bot (Asher's spot)
gink (drink. But he usually calls drinks "bubble")
buh-bie (brother)
Buzz (as in Lightyear)
bear bear bear (he always says it three times)
gun-key (monkey)
bee-die (birdie. but he usually calls them "quack quacks")

(Current as of April 29, 2012)
Geeeesh (Curious George)
doe (door)
bot (spot)
gack-gack! (Quack)
dant-you (thank you)
beeees (please)
deeees (cheese)
guck (duck)
daddy-o (Daddy)
beesh (fish)
love you
Kay kay
(Current as of Mar. 8, 2012)
ba-pah (Grandpa)
lub (love)
ball (he added the end "ll")
gar (car)
buh-bow (bubble)

(Current as of Feb. 24, 2012)
Coco (Grandma's dog)
Buh (book)
uh-uh (as in no)
buh-buh (brother)

(Current as of Jan. 15, 2012)
Uh-uh (uh-oh)
Bluh (Plug...his pacifier)
Ba (bath) (or ball)
Na (snack)
Buh (brother) (or book)
Da (dad)