Reed's Corner if he isn't already featured enough on the blog, right? 

"Mommy, do you want to know why I love Nerns (Nerds candy) so much? Listen closely. Neeerrrrnssss. It sounds kind of just like I'm Nern. (his nickname)." (7/21/12)
Grandma: Reed, who is this car?
Reed: Finn McMissile.
Grandma: Who? 
Reed: Grandma, say "Finn"
Grandma: Finn
Reed: Say "Mc"
Grandma: Mc
Reed: Say "Missile"
Grandma: Missile
Reed: See? Finn McMissile. (7/8/12)

Grandma: Asher, can you say water?
Reed: Grandma, Asher just can't say water yet. Maybe when he's big like his brother he'll be able to.
Reed: Grandma, did you hear Asher not say water? (6/20/12)
Mommy, when I cough, I put my arm up and make a funny noise." (11/12/11)
Reed loves saying prayers. In fact, he gets mad if Ryan calls on anyone else to say the prayer. However, he will not say the prayer by himself--he likes to be prompted. If we try to have him say it himself, he just says, "We are thankful...for our family. We are thankful for...our family. We are thankful for" Anyway, last night, he said his first non-prompted (for the most part) prayer! Here's how it went:
Me: What comes first?
Reed: Dear Heavenly Father,
Me: We thank thee...
Reed: We could have a good day.
Me: We thank thee...
Reed: We could eat some dinner.
Me: We thank thee...
Reed: We could play.
Me: Please help me...
Reed: To be good.
Me: Please help me...
Reed: (nothing...)
Me: In... 
Reed: The name of Jesus Christ, amen.(11/11/11)
Reed and I were playing today, when he told me, "Mommy, I have a job for you! I need you to get my guys!" Since then, he's had several "jobs" for me. (11/10/11)
Reed's Song (self-created): "Happy Calendar! It's really true. It's so beauty-full! It's really true!" (Sometimes yelled at the top of his lungs, sometimes sung to a random tune.) (11/6/11)
Reed has been doing quiet time instead of napping lately. The other day he'd been really good for quiet time and was ready to come down. I told him he could come down if he gave me a kiss. The next day he'd been doing quiet time for about five minutes, then came down and said, "Mommy, I want a kiss so I can come down." I think he missed the point :) (10/27/11)
Reed wet the bed (only the second time, ever), so the next day I had his bed mattress propped up, drying, after I cleaned it. At nap time, he decided he wanted to sleep on the floor. He piled all his blankies, guys, and pillows onto the floor. And he actually fell asleep. Keep in mind, he hasn't really taken a nap in about a month. (10/25/11)
I was reading a recipe out loud and said, "Three and a quarter cups of flour..." when Reed interrupts with, "Three and a QUARTER? Like Quarter-voy???" (Corduroy, the bear from the books) (10/21/11)
We were driving home and Reed saw the moon out the window. He asked where it was going, and I told him that maybe it was coming to our house. He said, "Mommy, if the moon comes to our house, tell him, 'Hey Moon, Reed is sleepin', so you'll have to come back another time.'" (10/20/11)
I wasn't feeling great today and Reed told me, "Mommy, when you're sad I'm not so happy. And I can also take care of you." (10/20/11)
Reed started talking about Santa tonight (super randomly), then Ryan and I started asking him questions about Santa. Here is what we learned: 1. Santa "pulls" the reindeer. 2. There is a "little string" so the reindeer don't try to crawl away. 3. A snowman decorates the tree. 4. The funny Santa (yes, he's different than the pulling Santa) brings the presents. 5. The funny Santa decorates the houses. (10/10/11)
Reed just used a popsicle stick to repeatedly scold his foot: "Sit!" (10/8/11)
Reed was playing with two of his guys. Guy 1 said, "Give me that hooker!" (Hook. Not a loose woman.) Guy 2 said, "Nevahhhhhhhhhhh! (Never!)"--complete with an English accent. (10/4/11) 
I went bike riding with the boys this morning, and Reed cheered me on: "Way to go Mom! You're doing so good pedaling." Later, Ryan and I were playing tennis and Reed cheered for both of us, "You're hitting so good! Way to go!" (9/21/11)
I was reminding Reed what flavor vanilla is, and told him it is white. He said, "Just like Daddy is white!" (9/21/11)
I was cutting up pears for Asher and asked Reed if he wanted some. He said, "I don't like pears. I wish I did, but I don't." (9/19/11)
Ryan has been playing the guitar frequently. We all request songs, then sing them together. Tonight, Reed asked, "Daddy, do you know the song 'Elmer Wants Me to Give Him a Cherry?'" He totally made that up. And who is Elmer? (9/17/11)
We were playing today when suddenly, Reed said, "Hey Mommy, Kerpunzel (Rapunzel) loves me." (8/21/11)
Reed has a little ball with a string attached (so you can throw it and it comes back to you...) that he calls his "doggie." Today, he told me, "Mommy, this is my doggie. His name is Coco. I like to spell his name PQRSTUVWXYZ now I know my ABCs." (8/19/11)
I referred to Reed as "Reeder" the other day, and he responded, "Don't call me Reeder." I asked what I should call him, and he said, "Reed Nernie." (8/16/11)
We were making Muddy Buddies and Reed asked, "What are these called?" I told him, "Muddy Buddies," and he exclaimed, "Just like I am Buddy!!" He was so excited. (8/16/11)
"Mommy, you're the best how I love you!" (8/15/11)
Reed: Mommy, does Asher like Coco Puffs?
Me: Asher is too little for Coco Puffs, Buddy.
Reed: Coco (Grandma's dog) likes Doggie treats. But Asher is too little for doggie treats.
Reed: I like Doggie Puffs!
Reed's first joke: It had been about 45 minutes since we had put Reed to bed when he came marching down the stairs, declaring that he already had a nap and he had to go potty. Ryan asked, "Did you even sleep at all." Reed replied, "Probably," then started marching to the potty. After a few steps, he turned around, chuckled, and said, "I just said probably." (7/12/11)
 Reed's parting thought at bedtime: "Maybe sometime when McDonald's is not locked we could get all dressed up and go there!" (7/10/11)
At bedtime, Ryan jokingly asked Asher if he wanted to pray for us. Reed started coaching Asher: "Say Dear Heavenly Father. Asher, say Dear Heavenly Father. Asher? Pray! Pray!" (6/25/11)
Today, during our hike: "Oh my gosh! This mountain is beautiful!" (6/11/11)
 At the park, Reed got wood chips in his shoe, then said, "Momma, I got playground in my shoe!" (6/9/11)
Last night, we prayed "Please bless our family with the spirit." Reed asked, "What's the spirit?" I told him to wait until after the prayer and we'd talk about it. As soon as he'd said, "Name of Jesus Christ..." he asked, "What's the spirit???" He couldn't even wait for an amen. The following conversation ensued:

Reed: What's the spirit?
Me: You know when we read scriptures or pray or go to nursery and we feel good and happy? That's the spirit.
Reed: Does Grandma have the spirit?
Me: Yep.
Reed: Where does she keep it? Can I see it?
Me: It's not something we can see Buddy. It's something we feel.
Reed: Can I feel it? (Reaches his hand out to touch.)
Me: We can't touch it. It's something we feel inside.
Reed: Oh. 
I don't think he really understood, but it was sweet nonetheless. (5/15/11)
I'm not really sure how we got on this topic, but Reed started spouting off rambling sentences about Ryan: "Daddy likes to build pictures. He likes to hammer with a nail. I give him the nail and he hangs the pictures on the wall!" (5/13/11)
I sneezed and Ryan said, "Bless you." Reed responded, "I have blessings!"
Ryan was brushing Reed's teeth and accidentally brushed Reed's lip. Reed said, "Just wash the teeth, Daddy!" (5/8/11)
We went to the store today and the three boys stayed in the car while I ran inside. When I left, Reed said, "Daddy, I want to go with Mommy. She is my bestie boy! (Best friend!) She is my buddy like on Buzz Woody!" (5/7/11)
I was upstairs putting Asher to sleep. Reed ran up the stairs, saying, "Mommy! Guess what?" I asked him what he wanted me to guess and he said, "We got you a purse! Do you want to see it?" (The purse was supposed to be a secret--it was my Mother's Day gift! He was just too excited to tell me.) Later, Ryan wouldn't tell me the other store they went to when they went shopping for gifts--and Reed said, "Oh Mommy, we went to Krumpet's!" (A home decor store.) Apparently we need to teach him about secrets. (5/7/11)
Today was Reed's first day wearing big boys instead of a diaper to nap and bed. This week, he has been dry 7/7 naps and 5/7 nighttimes. He is so proud of himself! He keeps saying, "I just wear big boys now. No more Reed diapers!" (5/2/11--first day)
I just told Reed and Asher goodbye (Ryan and I are going on a week-long cruise) and started crying (surprise, surprise). Reed said, "Be happy, Mommy." What a sweetheart. (4/22/11)
I was on the computer today when Reed asked me if he could have a turn (he likes to push the letters on the keyboard and watch them appear in a blank Word document). I told him I needed the computer, but maybe he could later. His response: "But Mommy, I need to do something really important." (4/8/11)
(While eating dinner)
Reed: "Asher, I like your blue eyes."
Me: "That's nice, Reed."
Reed: "Yeah, I'm nice to brother."
Today, Reed told me he drew a candy cane. I looked--and it really looked like a candy cane! It was shaped just like it should be. (4/1/11)
Reed got a sucker for going the entire day without having an accident. When he was done (but the sucker wasn't gone) Reed asked, "Daddy, we put it in the fridge and save it for lunchie lou?" Ryan explained that we don't really put suckers in the fridge. Reed thought, then asked, "We put on the counter and save it for lunchie lou?" Ryan told Reed we'd probably just throw it away. Reed came up with his final offer, "We put it on the table and save it for lunchie lou?" Ryan decided to let Reed put it on the table. Reed's a good negotiator :) (3/31/11)
At bedtime, Reed gave Ryan a kiss, then said, "That was a sloppy one!!" (3/30/11)
Reed and I wanted to play outside while Asher napped. I took the monitor, but it was out of range, so I said, "Oh man, it's out of range." Reed replied, "Oh Mommy, we should go to the store and get some more." (3/30/11)
Reed saw me getting ready to go running and he said, "Mommy, you have big boy underwear like me!!!" (3/26/11)
Reed's mouth made a funny noise against the side of a cup while he was drinking and he said, "Mommy, my mouth tooted!" (3/25/11)
Reed just put on his sunglasses upside down and said, "Mommy, I'm so stylin'" (3/22/11)
Reed can FINALLY jump!!!!!!!!!! He's been trying for so long and he finally got both feet off the floor at the same time. (3/4/11)
Reed just climbed up on his closed potty and the following conversation commenced:
Reed: Mommy, I Abinadi!
Me: What did Abinadi do?
Reed: He helped Nephi.
...Me: Helped Nephi do what?
Reed: Build the big boat.
(Reed climbs down) Reed: I not Abinadi anymore.
I think he's got a few scripture stories mixed up :) (3/2/11)
Reed said, "Thank you Daddy" as Ryan walked out the door. Then he turned to me and said, "Mommy, I say 'thank you daddy' and he not say 'you welcome'!!" (2/28/11)
I went to get Reed out of his bed yesterday morning and found him standing up on his bed and holding his lamb against the wall. Reed: "Mommy, I need my mystery mouseketool." Think we've been watching a little too much Mickey Mouse Clubhouse? (2/27/11)
While I was putting Reed's church shoes on him this morning, Asher started fussing. Reed said, "It okay baby Asher, we go to church...of Jesus Christ...of St. George. Don't be sad." Pretty close--just take out "St. George" and add "Latter-day Saints." I love him :) (2/20/11)
My phone just made a noise and Reed said, "Mommy, you got a text!" (2/11/11) 

Reed was eating ham for lunch. He held up a bite and asked, "Mommy, is this rabbit?" (It really did look like a rabbit.) Then he asked, "Mommy want to pet him? He nice." (2/3/11)

I asked Reed to go throw something away for me and he replied, "Mommy, can't do it. I not nice." (2/2/11)

Reed has an Elmo see n' say. One of the sections is a phone, and when the pointer lands on it, it rings. This morning, it rang, Reed put it up to his ear and said, " Hello? Hello? Can you answer me?" (2/1/11)

I just told Reed I was going to do my yoga. He responded, "Don't want mommy do yogurt!" (2/1/11)
Reed just requested we sing "Happy Birthday" to a pretzel. When we finished the song, he ate the pretzel. I'm guessing it wasn't the pretzel's best birthday. (1/28/11)

Ryan and I were putting together Asher's crib. Reed came in with his Handy Manny tools and said, "Here your tools, Daddy!" (1/21/11)


We were watching Toy Story 3 today. The Cinderella Castle with the Disney logo came on the screen and Reed said, "Mommy! It's the temple!" (1/20/11)

I've been trying to teach Reed to say, "I'm two" and hold up two fingers when people ask how he is. I told him it was like doing the peace sign. So now, if you ask him how old he is, he says, "Peace." Then if you say, "Are you two?" He says, "I not two, mommy. I peace." (1/19/11)

Today I asked Reed, "Are you cute, buddy?" And he said, "No mommy, I Reed." (1/19/11)


When it is Reed's turn to pray, he generally just repeats what I tell him to say. But tonight, after I told him to say, "Please bless Grandma and Grandpa," he said, "Please bless Grandma and Grandpa........and Kay Kay........and Brielle." (Brielle is Kayla's best friend.) (1/17/11)


Reed got a kitchen from Grandma for Christmas. Ryan built most of it, then took a break to go downstairs to have dinner. After dinner, we went back upstairs. When Reed saw his kitchen in his room, he said, "My kitchen! I like it!" (1/12/11)


Kay taught Reed to say "okie dokie"--but it sounds like "odie kody." Reed has a cousin named Kody. At lunch, Reed started saying "odie kody...odie kody...odie asher...odie kay kay..." (1/1/11)

I was unpacking and Asher started crying. Reed rushed over, rubbed Asher's head, and said, "Don't be sad, Baby Asher." (12/31/10)


On Christmas morning, after every present he opened, Reed said, "OooOooOhhh!" (12/25/10)


Reed just came up to me and said, "Mommy, need to blow nose. Have giant boog." Nice. (12/18/10)


Today, I was feeding Asher on the couch. Reed came into the room, sat on the floor, laid Elmo across his lap, said, "Feed Elmo!" and proceeded to lift up his shirt. I just hope he never does that at nursery :) (12/14/10)


After Reed's nap, Ryan went in to get him. Reed climbed down and wanted to build blocks. Ryan was going to play with him, but Reed told Ryan, "Go out, Daddy." Apparently building blocks is a one person activity. (12/11/10)

Asher started crying on our drive home from California, so I lifted his car seat cover to give him his plug. When I didn't immediately close it, Reed said, "Mommy, close Asher's door!" (12/6/10)


We drove to California today. After we'd been on the road for about six hours (and had taken two short breaks to feed Asher) Reed said, "I like it little break now." Me too, bud. (12/3/10)


We were driving home from our Thanksgiving trip. Asher was crying in the  back seat, so I reached back and gave him his plug. Reed turned to Asher and said, "Baby Asher, say thank you!" (11/27/10)

Reed had just informed me he was poopy. As I was pulling his pants down, he told me, "Poopy. It's a big  one!" (11/27/10)


An interaction with my two year old:

Reed:(walks into my office) ready daddy
me: For what
...Me: (dumbfounded) okay go climb up in bed, I'll be there in a minute
Reed: okay daddy (turns and walks directly to his room)
Me:(Walk into Reed's room to see him in bed with his head on his pillow and him cuddling his blankie) Good night buddy thanks for being such a good boy.
Reed: Night night daddy 



We had a family birthday party for Reed tonight. After each person told him, "Happy Birthday" or gave him a gift, he either said "Thank you" or was prompted to do so. After we opened presents, we were at the table having cake. While he was waiting for cake, Reed said, "Happy Birthday thank you!!" (11/20/10)

We were driving home after kind of a long drive, and Reed had basically had enough car time for one day. We were almost home and he started whining for me to get his drink cup. Which happened to be located about an inch away from his arm. I couldn't reach it, so I told him he needed to get it. He started crying, "Mommy get it. Mommy get it" and wouldn't even try to reach. Then he cried, "Baby Asher get it!" Good luck with that one, buddy. (11/8/10)


This morning, around 6:30 I was feeding Asher when I heard the doorknob on our bedroom door rattling. Since I was a little occupied, I woke Ryan up and had him go open the door. As soon as Ryan opened the door, Reed came marching in, giving Ryan half a glance and a little smirk, comes right over to the bed and says, "Mommy come." (As in come play with me.) Trying my hardest not to laugh, I informed him it was still time to be asleep. He was quite upset, but so cute. (11/1/10)


When Reed only wants to eat one thing at breakfast/lunch/dinner (i.e. only cheese. or oranges. or treats, for that matter), I tell him we can't eat "too much" or we'll get a bellyache. Tonight, I turned off Reed's bath water during bath time and he said, "More water!" I told him we had plenty--we didn't want to get too much. He looked at me and knowingly said, "Bellyache." I'm kind of impressed he made that connection. (10/28/10)


Reed and I were playing and we heard Asher start to cry. I told Reed I needed to go feed Asher. As I was getting Asher out of his crib, Reed comes marching in behind me, holding my Boppy. What a helper :) (10/26/10)


Reed and I were watching the rain on his window and we heard thunder. I told him it what it was called and that it comes after lightening. There was more lightening and thunder and reed exclaimed "Thunder" then quickly said "more thunder daddy, more thunder." I wonder when he will figure out that I don't have power to ...control everything he can see, touch or feel. I sure love his boyish innocence. (10/25/10)


At bedtime, after we do family prayer and scriptures, Ryan leaves and I lay on Reed's bed with him and sing a few songs to him. Tonight, I had Asher with me, too, and Reed wanted to hold Asher. I laid Asher down on Reed's arm and sang songs to them. Asher should have been screaming--he was halfway through eating--but he fell asleep on his brother's arm with a little half-grin on his face. And when Asher and I left, Reed cried not for me (like usual), but for Baby Asher. It was so sweet. (10/24/10)

Reed's favorite book is Town Mouse and Country Mouse. He wanted to read it today, so I told him to go find it. He came back holding a bag and said, "Country Mouse in purse. Country purse!!" (10/23/10)

Reed has a real love for "dip"--as in anything he can dip food into, like yogurt, dressing, spaghetti sauce, etc. Today he was watching Grandma do her makeup. When she put her eyeshadow on, he asked if he could hold it. Upon examining it and its brush closer, he exclaimed, "DIP!" Then he walked around the house, dipping the brush into the eyeshadow and spreading it all over his face. Luckily it was a light color :) (10/20/10)

During Reed's bath tonight, I noticed a few little bubbles float up from around his bum area. I said, "Someone tooted!" And Reed replied, "Mommy toot!!" I said, "No way, buddy tooted!" We went back and forth like this a few times until Reed came up with, "Bup (cup) toot!!!" (10/16/10)

Ryan went in to get Reed after Reed's nap today. Reed was sitting on the very edge of his bed with his feet propped on a cubby holder next to his bed that is full of toys. Reed was holding a toy, but upon seeing Ryan immediately tossed the toy back onto the cubby holder and looked at Ryan with an expression like, "I'm not doing anything..." Ryan (trying not to laugh) asked, "Were you playing?" And Reed--a little sheepishly--replied, "Yeah..." (10/16/10)

Today, Reed grabbed his bear from his pile of stuffed animals, laid the bear down on one end of the bed, and said, "Bun change." (diaper change). Then he got Elmo out of the pile, laid Elmo by the bear, and said, "Elmo bun change." He repeated the process for Ellie the Elephant. But my favorite part of this little scene was what he did next. He grabbed his blankie, laid it by the other three, and said, "Blankie BUN CHANGE!" Think we've done a few diaper changes in our day? (10/14/10)

Today Reed found a ponytail holder, brought it to me, pointed to my hair, and said, "Hair UP, Mama!" Apparently the hair down look wasn't really working for me. (10/4/10)

Reed was helping Ryan make dinner, I was facebooking. Reed ran into the office where I was, said, "I CUTE Mommy!" cocked his head to the side, and smiled. Granted, he did look quite cute wearing my apron. (9/23/10)

After I finished breakfast this morning, Reed praised me with a "Good boy, mama!" (9/15/10)

I told Reed to put his money in his piggy (referring to his bank), but instead he put it between his piggies (his toes) and said, "Piggies! Money!"  (8/10/10) 

I just asked Reed if he was being good (I didn't happen to be looking at him at the time). He said, "YEAH!" Then I turned around...his drink cup was in his cereal bowl (with his cereal) and he was using his spoon to try to get his drink back out of his bowl. Then he abandoned that activity to to splash in the milk he'd poured all over his tray. Being good? Not quite. (6/23/10)

Reed's words (as of Summer 2010)
Coco (grandma and gradpa's dog) (referring to any dog)
Mo! (more)
Co (cousin Cole)
Psssss (please)
Teattttt (treat)
Hey (cousin Hailey)
Chhh (cheese)
Shhhh (shoe)
Dang/Dang it (apparently I say this a lot. Oops)
Dough-dough (doggie)
night-night (goodnight)
Kay-Kay (Aunt Kayla)
Nana (banana)
Disssss (this)
The ball (he never says "the" by itself)
Buh (book...he's not so good at the end sounds)
Sssss ("what does a snake say?")
Mmmmmm00000 ("what does a cow say?")
Rrrmmmm ("what does a car say?")
Baaa ("what does a lamb say?")
Grrrrr ("what does a bear say?")
Ah-ah ("what does a monkey say?")
Gu-key (duckie)
Ba-pa (Grandpa)
Wa-wa (water) (or flower)
Gay (thanks)
Gay-kew (thank you)
Num-num (yum yum)
Tri-tee (tricky)
All gah (all gone)
All done
Ye-yow (yellow)
Eye (eye, light, or outside)
Aa-de (asher)
Oh yeah!
Oh no!
Oh my!
Oh nap! (oh snap!)
Ma-ma-o (marshmallow)
Do-dee (Zoe)
Ka-ka (Kamdyn)
Bey-dun (Peyton)
Ow-die (outside)
Dow (down)
Wahk (walk)
Ceen (clean)
Nigh-nigh (night-night)
Owdee (owie)
Bite (bright)
Dir (stir)
Boon (spoon)
Work (fork)
Puh-deh (pickle)
Rain-de (raisin)
Ba-ma (grandma)
Ro-dun (lotion)
Un-ceem (bum cream or sunscreen)
Dia-duh (diaper)
On-tan-tuh (Montana)
Vi-wa (vitamin)
Me-din (medicine)
A-tar (guitar)
Bun-dee (blankie)
Dowel (towel)
Weet (sweet)
Pi-pow (pillow)
Bu-det (bucket)
Ree! (reach)
Hea-dy (heavy)
Tee (teeth)
Kime (climb)
Bot (spot)
Wa (wash)